After 13 innings, the Yankees go to the World Series

 This post has nothing to do with that, or maybe just the headache that I woke up to this morning. I didn't get to wait until 13 inning, but by the 10th, u knew it was gonna happen. Anyway, didn't I say I'm not going to talk about them? (cheers: Derek Jeter, Woohoo! *j/k!*)

I'm blogging because I had two weird dreams last night. I think I got dehydrated that's why I had those dreams. They're weird.
First, setting was my elementary school. There's an event and I was invited together with a writer friend. But then this guy is with me too. And my mom was there too. Then the event had a special guest. That politician that I truly hate. As much as I want to diss this politician, it isn't a proper forum for that. But then he turns to me and talks to me about my fleece jacket. Damn it! He's talking non-sense. I turn around and gracefully excused myself, and my writer friend talks to him instead. The guy and I toured my school, and I showed him my old classroom. Then bodyguards of that politician were looking for us coz we're invited for dinner and I decline. They don't like that reply. We ran off.

Which gets me to dream #2.

We rode a car with my friends. Ended up at this park going to my old neighborhood. A guy with a katana sword slashes mad anyone he sees. Crazy. Then I was afraid he was going to run to our van and just go mad. It then he hurts this guy who then gets a hold of the sword and does some crazy self defense and gets to kill the other guy with that sword. Like Kill Bill, open wounds and loads of blood. Ah crazy.

I can't believe I have crazy dreams like that.

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