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 so i checked my Flickr today and saw a new bright yellow "new" on the Your Friends and Family area. its called the "Photos of" link. i usually dont tell you anything about Flickr, but i laughed as soon as i saw this. This was exactly what i was thinking some three or four weeks ago. you know when you get to tag friends on Facebook and then it gets linked to them? this is how this works too. its not that i want it, this is actually the exact thoughts in my mind weeks ago:

"good thing Flickr hasnt submitted to the social networking gig on tagging. dreadful."

and now, Flickr failed me. oh well.

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One Little Seedling said...

I think that's awesome. I wish it had the face recognition that iPhoto does. Can't wait till they're built into the cams themselves.

I dig these things. Sometimes I never notice a photo that someone took of me. I'm rarely in photos do to the fact I'm usually behind the cam. Heh.

SoNSo1 said...

Yeah. Saw this last night too. It would be awesome, just as the seed said, if it did have face recognition so that I don't have to go back and add your name to all the pictures at the baseball games.

It's hilarious, because I saw Will Wheaton and clicked on his photo only to be failed by going to some lady's flickr stream. I don't understand how it works. And I don't understand why it was needed. Who knows?

m a r g e said...

i like the idea of face recognition. yes, there's just too much pictures to tag to keep on writing down names.

but the test photos they did was hilarious. my Filipino friend was tagged to a photo of a children's party with a Caucasian guy.

One Little Seedling said...

I know, but I'm just saying any form of labeling is good. I don't know what's so bad about it. Face recognition is a ways a way from internet usage. Hell face recognition in flickr would be the same as googling the name Seed to see what pops up. One day it'll be decent. As of now labeling is more accurate as it is done by the user. As long as people aren't using the name Will Wheaton to suck you in. Heh.

I really dig the labeling that Facebook does. You can see all the pics of you that your friends put up. It's a little work labeling but it's cool when you enter "october 2009 Kirk and Spock" and only the photos with those 2 together pop up.

Anyways, how does it work? I click it but I don't know where to label.

m a r g e said...

Seed, did u find it?