unlucky 13 (and others)

damn it! The Orioles have been banking on losses now. as if the whole season's losses wasn't enough, they are running out of fuel and is one day short for a complete two week streak lost. how awesome? blech! its like they took a break before the real break, especially the pitching pool (the starters and the bullpen). they are making me... sad. its really nothing new considering the performance the whole season, but to have continuous losses under the new "Trembley approach", i think abracadabra didn't do that magic. ah shux! ah suck! on to the weekend! i'll just get my keg.

other news, if you haven't known this yet, then i dont want you outdated, but i am an official GLEEK. what is a 'gleek'? its a term some person coined for crazy fans (ahem, like me) of this new Fox show called "Glee". i got into it last week, wherein i spent 4 hours (or less) watching the first four episodes in Hulu that made me sleep at 430am (so calculate what time i actually started). its about a school teacher who's an alum of this public school, who was also a former member of a glee club. But when the school was about to axe the glee club, he took over it and tried his best to win the approval of his colleagues and the popularity of the group with the student body. His mission, besides getting more members, is to win the regionals. aaah! its a breath of fresh air against the common 'mature' shows, reality shows, and Gossip Girl. now while waiting for my other shows, i have something to look forward to (on Wednesday nights at 9pm. check your local listings too, and Hulu).

in a more serious tone, if you're a Filipino or know Filipinos, then you have heard of the great flood that surrounded Metro Manila, Philippines over the weekend. it was really bad as i cannot believe what had just happened to the whole area. it was surrounded with water in every street and highway, and people struggled to save their lives and some of what they have. it was awful. it was an awful sight that i felt bad for everyone. that is why in any possible way, i have been helping out some people who have used social networking site Facebook, and site Twitter in disseminating information about relief operations and any help that can be extended. a lot of people need help right now. food, clothing, basic needs, money, clean potable water. all these are still needed by a lot of families displaced by this tragic misfortune. so if you need information on how you can extend your help, here's a very helpful site: http://superbianca.blogspot.com (thanks to Bianca Gonzalez for compiling them). If there are other questions, or if you're looking for other sites to check out about this, you may ask me thru email or twitter: margeemateo. Here's a link also that you can access that has an overview of what happened some 5 days ago, http://www.techpinas.com/2009/09/typhoon-ondoy-video-footages-and-news.html

alright! i guess im not indebted in this blog now. until the next time i have the urge to write this much. =)

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