work doesn't suck, its the people you encounter

 i hate it when people try to make you feel liable and forgetful every single time. i hate it that people try to be mean to you in a nice way, but you know they are being mean to you. i hate it when they try to let you feel that you are stupid and irresponsible when you've not been that way.

i may forget to do something once for a patient, but i know i have learned my lesson and will not do it again a second time. besides, where is your appointment card if you knew you have an appointment today? you are taking chances at my own risk and that sucks. that is so annoying. this is the second time that i hated a parent so much. you may see me with a smile when i see them, but i knew i said my piece earlier, and that is that.

i admit to any wrong when i know i am wrong, but dont push it honey, coz you dont know what youre gonna get.

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