I would like you to meet... them.

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m said...

oh i bought the little wolverine for my brother for christmas too ! isn't it the cutest thing? if you log on to urbanoutfitters.com all that good stuff is on sale right now. there are these super kawaii star wars figurines too. i want to buy all of it !

m a r g e said...

its funny u mentioned about giving it to your brother, coz i showed this picture to my brother, and told him, "no this is mine. you're not getting it." sometimes, i am selfish. hihihi!

i've heard of the collectibles in Urban Outfitters and haven't checked it til now. the vinyl figures were so cute!!! from Mario Brother's to Hello Kitty, they were so cute.

after getting these Star Wars cars tho, all i can think about was to get the unusual Star Wars stuff, like these or the Star Wars Mr. Potatohead version (which i saw in Disney too), and the Jedi Mickey. aaah!!!