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when i took this picture, all i was thinking is how i fancy this. after untangling all the balloons that were strewn together in knots, i was enamored into the feeling of passing through these balloon strings from the living room going to the walkway. it was like being a little kid, like there will be a surprise after passing through it. then i remembered my old room where i had beaded curtains (pink, i should note) that glowed in the dark and gives me giggles every time i passed through it. it also was annoying at times especially when you have your stuff and it just gets caught on it. but still, i fancy it.

i didnt mean to write a new year message, but right now im ending up doing so. the balloon strings have added color to my usual walk to the room. it made me think that like the passing of the year, though things may not seem different from yesterday, there will always be that phase in time where things are unique, where there will be some color added to the white facade, when there's a different hue that comes out from the gray surface. and when you see it, it feels wonderful and magical.

i just watched Dan In Real Life. i think the kick to write these words down flicked more after getting sucked into watching it. it was a nice movie. i liked it for its comedy and the lessons it was trying to give to us, but most importantly i liked it because of its words that leaves me thinking about life more.

(On lighthouses) "because they help when its dark out. they help keep boats safe, and keep us from crashing into the rocks. coz when youre out there, and you're being tossed back and forth by those big dark waves and you think that you'll never feel land again and that you can just split into a million pieces, sink down, all the way down, deep. its the light that keeps us on course. its the light." --- Dan Burns (Steve Carell) "Dan In Real Life" (2007)

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