i must admit

so there have been two bloggers from my other blog site who talked about this Colorgenics test and how freaky it was that it was quite revealing of your character. so then i tried it, out of curiosity.

the test starts of with showing you eight cubes of different colors. then it asks you to pick a color that u are most attracted to or that reflects u most. the first one i chose was blue, my favorite color. then it asks you to pick out the other seven colors as well but in a digressive fashion. so i clicked until i ended up with black. then it was the assessment. wait... wait... wait...and this is what it has to say about me.

when they said it was freaky, all i thought about was, "how did you know that?" but as much as i want to deny it to myself, i guess it was like looking at your reflection on the water and realizing that no matter how clear the water is, you will still see the dirt beneath it. indeed, things that i have tried to push aside have slapped me on my face again. wake up!

so 'tis the time when i say goodbye to my dreaded and biasedly hated semester, the time when i have to make a resolution for this coming year, and a time when i get to sit down and re-think what i have done this year.... or something like that.

but right now... i must make my gift list. (wait... i forgot that i still have three pages to go with that crazy paper. concentrate!!!)

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