curiosity killed a cat

but in this case it shouldnt be harmful. i mean, seriously, i dunno what good it will bring me. nothing, right? so what is this all about?
its a site called Help A Virgin.
what? its a site made by this guy who had a bet with his girl-friend, and if he gets 5M visits, he gets uhm... to be not a virgin anymore. so given those info, are u going to visit it or not?

i'll leave it up to you. =o)

2 R a v e s:

One Little Seedling said...

Nope. Sounds more like the guy just wants hits on his site.

Call me a cold bastard, but if this is what it takes to get in a girls panties, then I say it's utterly useless and a bit gay. He should just enjoy his time with the girl and if it happens it happens. These seems too contrived and unnatural. It's basically a game between the two and it sounds like he's on the short end.

But what-evs... it's basically a phishing scam for the pooty. =)

m a r g e said...

this is the best of commercialism and the best of making fast money. he must've a pot of gold at the end of this.