School Wars

with our big clamor against a very uncalled for attitude by "whoever-thought-of-this-ridiculous-act" after winning, a friend and fellow La Sallian Mary Anne shares a nice post to us with more pictures and a letter from Fr. Bienvenido Nebres.

DLSU on Bonfire and Fr. Nebres Humble Correspondence

background: Ateneo De Manila University recently won the UAAP Men's Basketball, and just like the norm, there is a celebratory party. However, there was an act that was supposedly a joke on their side, but was a rude act against us, the De La Salle University community. in their bonfire party, the sticks to be used for their bonfire were nice sticks painted with last names of our players.

my initial reaction to this was a very resounding disgust towards Ateneo. being from La Salle, i was overly hurt by this rude act that surely i cannot understand why they even had to do it. i mean, they won right? but knowing a lot of Ateneans (past to present), i know that this is not their norm. i grew up living in Jesuit principles just like the Atenean education. i have the blue blood in me as much as i emerged as an Archer (the DLSU mascot), so deep in my heart i know that any sane Atenean would not have the same reaction to this matter, not even with a school rivalry that has been rooted for ages. Fr. Nebres's letter gives me back the confidence that Ateneans will not spend time creating an effigy next time that they win. (hehe!) seriously though, this event made me feel my love and continued support towards my Alma Mater, and i will never regret sharing part of my heart to DLSU.

"Win or lose, its the school we choose!"
"Hail! Hail! Alma Mater, hail to De La Salle. We'll hold your banner high and bright, a shield of green and white. We'll fight to keep your glory bright, and never shall we fail. Hail to thee our Alma Mater. Hail! Hail! Hail!"

Animo La Salle! (AMDG+)

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