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my Sunday reading took me to a different type of reading. i stopped reading Cosmo i think when i was a college freshman because i was just uninterested in it. besides the cover that always has "SEX" screaming in bold letters, i just was getting less and less interested in their topics. i get to read some articles when suggested by friends, or get some fashion oggling every now and then, but lift up and read page to page... nope. so yes, today, i flipped thru the Cosmo site, and found this interesting article for anyone who is single like me. =D

I fervently wished that before they promised forever, my dear friends had learned to be initially happy by themselves, before attempting to be happy with someone else.
--- Cosmo Philippines

PS: though in the end, i find another part of Cosmo that was quite the anti-singlehood. Conversation Starters, anyone?

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