is it music video day today?

hihihi! Capitol Swell started it, Blue Ryder followed, and now... me. =D

actually, i wasnt really meaning to follow, but the funny thing was i suddenly hummed this tune out of nowhere. the least i can tell you about the song is that according to the webs, the translation of the title "Ni Yao De Ai" is "The Love You Want". and how i encountered this is because this was one of the songs of the most loved Taiwanese show dubbed into Filipino, "Meteor Garden" which was based on a manga called "Hana Yori Dango" that when translated is "Boys Over Flowers"(?)

interesting, huh?

yes. while looking for this video, i saw myself back into that crazy state where i cheered for San Cai and Dao Ming Xu, but never mind them when I've got my eyes on Xi Men (Ken Xu)

i stop here. thats a bounty of links for you now... and i shall continue my quest to find the episodes.... =D

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