DC Comics: 30 Essential Graphic Novels

 Essential 30 Graphic Novels from DC 

some of the things i was looking at (and was keeping my hands from snagging right up), are part of this list, especially Superman/Batman #1 with Public Enemies. i wanted to always snag a Neil Gaiman book also, but yesterday i was looking at Marvel's 1602. Other's that i wanted was Brad Meltzer's Identity Crisisbecause i like Brad Meltzer as an author. and look! Y: The Last Man is also part of the list! i still havent even finished Volume One to this day (coz ive not lift it up since i the last time i read it.)

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SoNSo1 said...

Once you finish Y! The Last Man, I'll let you read Identity Crisis, which I also have.

m a r g e said...

great! thanks! i'll try to read that "Y" again, and if it doesnt work that i want to finish it, then i'd switch it for "Identity Crisis".