when i posted this yesterday, i honestly didnt have in mind the commemoration of former Senator Benigno Aquino Jr's death. since this Monday, i got reminded that it was at this time when he was shot at the tarmac of the Manila International Airport 25 years ago. while watching TV (TFC to be specific), there were shows that showed about his life, his death, and what he means to us Filipinos. he is more than the value of a Php500 bill where his face is shown. he is more than being the former President Corazon Aquino's husband. he is more than being the father of Sen. Noynoy Aquino, celebrity Kris Aquino, and more than the brother of former Sen. Teresita Oreta or director Lupita Kashiwahara.

he is a legend.

his undying love for country and freedom cost his life even when he knew it was coming. his death became the key to awaken the minds of countless Filipinos that it needed to be set free from the chains of tyranny. it started a whole revolution that took two and a half years to happen fully. he was the man who helped us be where we are right now, but he did not think that we would all mess up this way. he wanted the Filipinos to have human rights, he wanted the Philippines to be in top shape. he wanted it to regain whatever was plundered by the Marcoses and friends. he wanted our government system, our laws, our country to be a democracy as how the standards should be, a sovereign state with the government not controlled by only one person or a group of people only.

yet what has happened now?

poverty, corruption, and countless violation to the rights of our citizens. crime rates are high, numerous political parties, and continuous hoarding of goons, guns, and gold. we do not only let this man get disappointed with us, we are making his death insignificant and pointless.

what are we to do?

i hope there is more than just commemorating that we can do. we owe this man a lot for what we enjoy. for helping us in kicking out the tyrant, for helping us in getting our civil liberties back, for giving us a chance to live normally and peacefully without fearing the military, the government. yet just as when we eat too much pork fat, we must try to do it in moderation. the overused (and repeatedly slained) notion of democracy has been leading some to believe that Aristotle's mobocracy is indeed true to happen, and i hope we do not let it happen.

what difference will you make?

just like Ninoy Aquino, what best we can do is to stand up for what we believe in, and pour ourselves to it with much desire and passion. creating a goal will lead us to what we aim for because we know that goal will work for those who are not selfish.

The Filipino is worth dying for.--- Sen. Benigno Simeon Aquino Jr.

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