at 1:40 am

oh that damn iced latte was way too big. i knew they gave me a wrong size. i was wanting a grande and instead got a venti. woohoo! so now, after downloading the new episode for my fave show, i was watching it while chatting with a friend who is as much of a fan of My Boys as i am. that guy who plays Jack Newman is cute. looks like a mix between Barry Watson and Kyle Howard, and he looks cute with the character PJ. but for me, it will still be Brendan and PJ. i just love them to be together. AND!!! my prediction came. hihihi. i was always waiting for Kenny and Stephanie to hook up. after all the childish fighting, the seemingly uninterested glances, and the "dismay" of being together, our last scene shows them finally hooking up!!! Stephanie will say that its because of the nice California setting, yet everyone knows since Season One (or any fan knows) that they will end up sooner or later, and as expected, i was almost jumping for joy!

PJ and Brendan should be together again, but it looks like Bobby and Elza's wedding will not push through which means a possible rekindling for a Bobby-PJ team up somewhere along the line....

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