Andy got slammed again...

 Andy Roddick just lost his chance on winning another title. When that guy from ESPN2 mentioned earlier that since Federer has been dropping off the charts this year, there is a variety as to those who are winning various events now, and the US Open in Los Angeles is no exception. Today's finals, which i have to check out its replay, was between a seasoned player who has been number one, and a guy who i have not heard of before. but to drive my point, this guy who ive not heard of before, named Juan Del Potro, just smashed Andy's chance to get another trophy. that is pretty sad for Andy, i know, but to me its more of a WOW! with Federer slipping off the charts, some unfamiliar names have been popping up once in awhile, proving to everyone that these guys are getting into their prime and there are a new breed thats coming out. Del Potro, Monfils, Tsonga to name a few. watch out, watch out, they are gonna slam you.

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