in a depressing incoherent mode

as much as i am anticipating my baby dear's coming, i am getting pissed also with some things in my life. i need to shift my energy into something else, like maybe focusing on my school work, but it seems that most of the time, my energy is just getting stale and is trying to exhaust itself by figuring out how my life should work or what or actually how things should move in one part of my life. its trying to sort out something that it doesn't know how to sort out even. depressing. i just don't get it why i have to worry this much and no one can even figure out what i am saying here.

i am just talking in circles and i leave you in awe, but if you want to know another open-ended take on this, it's in connection to what i recently posted. thats how much information i can give you right now. 

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