17 minutes thru the movie, I didn’t want to continue watching “Candy”. At first I was thinking it was because of Heath Ledger, yet afterwards, it was the story that I didn’t want to look at. Rather, it was the images of how desperate this whole drug addiction thing is which was making me sick. It was a love story, right, yet this was the love story you didn’t want to watch. The image of someone getting high was not my perfect idea to get out of my desperation. I wanted to be relieved out of my desperation yet this movie is about desperation of someone to make ends meet plus make ends meet so that they can get themselves junked and doped out. Crazy!

“We’re junkies, I’m a hooker, and he is hopeless.” Candy (Abbie Cornish) said to the realtor, who was trying to collect rent from them, actually he was trying to ask them to vacate the place they were renting. I can’t believe that as of the time I am typing this, I am 41 minutes through this movie. Why did I add this on my queue before? I was so curious about Heath Ledger’s performance in this movie; and I was, lets just say, wasn’t really careful about the whole story. It just feels so bad to know that there are people who exist this way.

I am looking right now at this scene where they are trying to clean up their act after she found out that she was pregnant, but then before they even started cleaning up their act, they doped themselves again. It was quite making me sick looking at her drinking wine and a pill with her pregnant tummy sticking out. It was the sickest thing to see. You just do not know how people can even do that to themselves, or to their unborn child. Their process of self-cleansing was another painful scene to watch. All the shivering, all the time they were trying to get clean, they were just wanting for more. It was so emotional, yet it was such a crazy thing. The emotions also poured out during the miscarriage scene where they had to deal with a baby that is not breathing in their arms. It was painful to see.

"Promise me you'll stop. Promise me you'll stop before me." Casper (Geoffrey Rush) begged Dan (Heath Ledger) after having their shot of a mix Casper did. As was shown in the movie, they all had a hard time stopping. They all wished to stop but did not or cannot stop. They listened to their demons than to believe themselves on what they can do.

Overall, there are some things that we do not understand; yet this movie was trying to make us understand what it is. This is their reality, but we are still lost in understanding their world because we think that it is pretty crazy, desperate, and just plain unfathomable. I’d like to recommend this movie for most people to watch; yet it is really painful to watch. I cannot believe I am almost over this movie now.

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Anonymous said...

You should have let us know there'd be spoilers... :(

m a r g e said...

oops! sorry. was trying to drift off from the emotions while watching it. =)