can u freaking shut the f**k up!


i dunno what this dude wants from Feds. i mean, the fault of Feds right now, if it even is a fault, is that he is playing when he is not in top shape, and he is not reaching the Finals. but, as seen in his last tournament, he reached quarterfinals! what the fuck are you guys talking about now? cant we all admit that he is human? so shut up if he still wants to play, even if his games can only reach the quarterfinals now. at least he is playing, not laying around making his belly large.

im so pissed with all the crap that they are giving Feds. so what if he doesnt want a day-off? it makes sense why he wouldnt want one. he wants to prove something to himself. he feels good with playing, and still playing whatever his condition is. his head is better than his body, and still, he is not ready to give up which makes him much admirable than those who run away from the goose.

to Feds and his camp, just dont mention the mono anymore and we will be all good. these things happen. what they want is for you to take a break, but i think, as long as you know you can still stand, you are someone to admire for that courage. and the only fault u have is that u are number one and not reaching the finals, if that is really a fault to mankind.

ps: cant wait for the Davydenko-Nadal bout.

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