i wake up trying to catch my breath

yesterday. weird dream # 6?

ive seen this plot before. it repeated. action packed dream wherein i was with a friend and we were chased by different people. 

today. weird dream #7.
almost the same story, just that it turned out to be comedic. chased by a tall fat bald guy, and his shorter thin lame partner. it was like watching a Filipino movie only this time, im on it. i could remember towards the end of my dream is that i had the box of syringe needle heads on my trip to somewhere place. i used those needle heads as a self defense weapon. i had to open them and shoot those guys with guns as if im aiming on a dart board. then they run off the corner/ fat guy reappears on that side where the corner is. he aims a gun, takes the shot, i dodge, my friend gets to miss it too, but it hits his partner right on the chest. apparently they were going to "get us from both sides" rather than them being always together. 

whats going on brain-y? 

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