NetJets Exhibition Match 2008

so to make up for not watching the game last night (or rather, the game last 3/10), i was watching the 11pm replay on Tennis Channel which ended just quite a few minutes ago. it was worth watching for me as it was great to see Sampras, at 36, move around the court with such aggressiveness and energy. it was like seeing any 20 some year old tennis player, with the only exception that he has limited runs to the ball. though actually, he was able to still pull it off a couple of times! for a Federer fan though, it was quite not a sight. Roger wasnt playing as Roger in that match. it was like the goodwill games or something. it was like he had to just get over and done with it. there were jolts of hypothalamic excitement, but it just seemed like it wasnt him. i dunno. but come to think of it, with a 36 year old retired tennis player going against a 26 year old who admitted to just have came off from mononucleosis and was, in his fan's view, was not doing pretty well as he usually is, well, they were able to have a 2hours and 20some minute game! wow! talk about energy!

though because of the time and my bout against my own virus, i slept for 2 minutes on the second set. then i had to do my laundry which cost me towards the end of the second set, and put the laundry inside the dryer when it was like five minutes towards the second hour. now, the last time that i missed it, i knew i would regret it! you see, at that time, the third set was going on this pattern (in a Federer-Sampras order)... 2-0, 2-3, 2-4, 2-5. when it reached 2-5 i was excited, i mean, i knew Feds won, but how in the world did it happen? with Sampras having 1point to winning this match, how the hell did it happen? so the Feds won the 3-5 set because of a lot of errors on Sampras. 4-5 was won because of a streak of aces by Feds. now how did 5-5 or 5-6 going to 6-6 happen? that was what i missed! and that is still the part that i regret why i had to choose to put the laundry inside the dryer at that time. heck!

so now, i shall need to watch that part again. i have to look for it somewhere. and also, it shall be exciting to watch the replay for the 2001 Wimbledon match (Quarterfinals i believe) where Feds beat Sampras in a 5 set game.

all i gotta say right now is that even the replay put me on the edge, and that i guess the excitement of seeing these two players beat each others wits and find out "how the hell Roger Federer won?" was something that motivated the tired me to sit through it and watch it (as closely as i can) and still share all these information with you.

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