freaky dream


i look at my computer's open screen and checked the time. through my sleepy state i thought it said 4:59. i put my alarm at 2:00 and thought that i missed it again, i thought i was too tired i didnt hear my alarm go off. i looked closely again. 1:59. hmmm... i checked my phone, 1:59, and that little alarm icon was still there. 

i closed my eyes again. panting. i woke up at 1:59 panting also. what the heck was that? i had another of that recurring dream that has been going on for three to four days now. besides the weird yet comparably pleasant dream the other day, this recurring dream has left me wondering what is the connection in my life, and why, for the heck of me have i been encountering this dream? what is it about anyway? here goes. 

three characters. me, an older looking gentleman who i dont know, and a Filipino politician who i do not want to drop hints who. it is supposedly the FIlipino politician's home. he was boasting his home, and we enter this room in which it was highly protected. computerized system just to even enter that room, and the system was rather complicated. the intriguing part is that it was like designed by a nuclear arms scientist (im making up this type of scientist). anyway, so it wasnt like i entered a laboratory, it was actually a room. just a room. and i cant even remember what else i saw inside that room than the unknown gentleman and the Filipino politician talking. what was i doing there anyway? i ask myself this question repeatedly since for one, i do not plan to have any involvement whatsoever to this Filipino politicians political group, yet for some reason, there was this feeling of awe while inside the room (which i still cant remember what is inside) and the feeling of fear. 

then at the end of our tour of this politicians room, this is where my fear starts to build up. we step into the outside of the room which was like stepping inside an elevator. mr politician is by the panel and has a large looking syringe. this syringe supposedly contains a highly acidic substance which when made into contact with the rays of light and air from the activated security system of the room will (1) create friction and light up in contact, (2) will damage your skin, (3) when there are too much liquid from the syringe that comes out, it can activate another security device which can shoot arrows from different locations. and now, when you look at that entrance, it looks like a whole room full of freaky gadgets. it was the totality of a highly sophisticated security system where you can see where the rays of light comes from, where the jet air comes from, from what direction can the arrows come from; and the freaky part? the Filipino politician was trying to play with it. he was like trying his "toys" to harm the gentleman, and of course, since i am there, i am part of who to be harmed. i was trying to beg mr politician to quit his silly game, but he wont listen. he tried squirting some liquid from the syringe, and the ray of light sparks. he tries to squirt again and it contacts with the jet air and creates a *boom*. i was freaking out for dear life. the arrows were also getting activated, and i cant remember where the gentleman is, but i remember mr politician looking like he is as mad as joker (Batman's villain joker), and he was like all as hell just playing with the toys.

and then i woke up, panting, and with dry lips. it felt real, and then it felt weird. today, it felt much weird for me to think of. why did i keep on dreaming of this politician as a mad guy? i know that i do not like this politician, yet be projected as a mad guy? pretty insane. and whats up with him trying to play with his own security system? i mean purposely bringing the syringe on a tour of his room? what was he thinking? was he thinking of killing himself in the process? i mean since we are on the same room, cant he be killed also in the process? but i remember the arrow shooting off and missing him. i missed it anyway too, but was he wearing some form of protective shield? and why, for the life of me, do i have to dream of this politician in such a situation? i mean i know i dont trust him, and ive not supported his precepts ever since, yet why dream of him? is it the letter of doom about this guy? i dont know. 

all i know, it was freaky. the story about the dream might be long, but that was all the images that i can remember. i remember now having a huge plant too that has a huge green leaf. i dunno what part of the room was it, but it was there. neither do i know what is the purpose of the plant with the huge green leaf, just as i dont know why ive dreamt of the same scene around three to four times already. 

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