i am watching my favorite Hitchcock movie again. this is the second time that i saw this movie. i fell in love with this movie the first time i saw it. it was the mystery of Gregory Peck's character, the whole movie plot that was different from usual Hitchcock movies. Ingrid Bergman is really pretty here and had a wonderful performance as the psychiatric doctor who falls in love with the bipolar/ paranoid John Ballantine (who also has short term memory and/or amnesia). John Ballantine (Peck) cannot remember what happened and how it happened that he was able to assume the character of his psychiatrist Dr. Anthony Edwards, who mysteriously disappeared after a trip to the mountains. with Ballantine being discovered as an impostor, he runs away and Dr Petersen follows him. haunted down by the police, they run off to Rochester and stay with Dr Petersen's psychiatrist friend pretending to be a recently married couple. i shall stop here so as not to spoil you from knowing what the movie is or its ending.

Peck gives a gripping performance as someone haunted by shadows and lines. his razor scene was one of the highlights of the movie. you try to hold your breath to know if he will be killing the dear old doc. his stern face, the mystery of black and white, the stop motion, everything was really gripping.

i love this movie. she is pretty. he is so handsome. he looked like someone from my past. and Hitchcock, is Hitchcock, great!

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SoNSo1 said...

I have yet to see it completely. I always miss the beginning and I don't have the fortitude to stick it out to the end. Strange considering that Ingrid is in this one. Must one day get myself through this one.

m a r g e said...

2/23; 2/25; 2/28. remember those numbers.