It Happened One Night

Ellen Andrews: your ego is absolutely colossal.
Peter Warne: Yeah, yeah, not bad. How's yours?

this last part of the movie, where they went to a motel to stop over before they head off to New York, it was just romantic at the same time the thought is crushing. romantic for him to think about going some place really nice with the woman he loves, and her begging him if she can stay with him instead of going back to her father and estranged husband.

and there is a reference to "monkey face". of course it was used at a different context, not too endearing indeed.

romantic and funny. a nice dose before VDay

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SoNSo1 said...

The best part of the movie. And a classic scene in any sense.


Loved it when she started panicking as he went in search of food.

m a r g e said...

yeah i remembered that one when i was watching it. it was funny.

that one was sweet also, but it was kindda "affecting" with that motel scene coz they were like trying to build some dreams together and was foreseeing (for sure!) that they were together in those dreams.