on a more serious note

“Who would like a life like this? Grabe na presyo ang magmahal sa bayan. Ito ang kinatatakutan ko eh.” (Love of country exacts a heavy price. This is what I've been fearing.)—Mr. Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada from The Buzz and Tell

This is the biggest corruption controversy in the country right now as it is doing a home run. It is doing a strike towards the President without directly implicating her. What? What is happening right now is that the directly implicated parties include the First Family (surprisingly, I found out that the First Daughter is out of the question now and it is the other son of the President whose name is dragged into the conversation).

This is truly a striking controversy as it involves a lot of characters. For one, it describes the nature of Philippine politics where cronyism is part and parcel of any political deal. Second is that where there is cronyism, there is corruption. As this does not always strike a balance, it has become a connection that may lead to a belief that it has become synonymous to each other (in which supposedly it shall not be, but to consider the Philippine political arena, one might want to consider that thought). Third is that where there are winners, there are losers; and where there are losers, there is a chance to double cross. How did the NBN-ZTE conversation strike anyway? Because a crony lost the deal and was forgotten by giving a bigger favor towards someone the government can supposedly, double cross. How un-cool is that?

As of now, I don’t want to say anything as I honestly have not got into the major parts and issues of this matter. All I can say though is that the truth shall set us free. The truth shall come out and set everyone free.

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