The Effects of "Science of Sleep"

(1) PSR: Parallel Synchronized Randomness
(2) mixed signals

more things to discuss later.

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SoNSo1 said...

That first link doesn't look real. It seems to be some kind of search engine aggregator for people looking for whatever that site was asking for.

That second link is interesting. Most of the time I interpret a girl's smile as something flirty. That's why I end up running away.

m a r g e said...

thats why i was having a hard time putting my thoughts together coz there was a site which integrated both topics, but for some reason i cant find that site again (and its not on my history). what u actually highlighted about mixed signals is that it is a type of phobia (which id rather not highlight here for it will cause a huge laugh. j/k! so that will be for another conversation), and in Science of Sleep, Stephane uses PSR to "overcome" mixed signals. though i still have to process those information through my brain and digest each word and letter.