Fools Gold


tita m wanted to watch this movie, though we were late for the movie. tita f asked me if i want to go ahead so we can find ourselves some chairs. i said, nah, i guess its not gonna be crowded since its been out for two weekends. i wasnt expecting anything out of this movie.

we went in. i sat two rows from the screen. i wanted to puke!

Fools Gold. nothing to expect from anyway. it was the love-hate relationship between a Finn and Tess, a "Donald" named Nigel, and his "Paris" daughter Gemma. there was the pirate/ hunter Moe, and a gay couple, and this rapper slash murder-er Bigg Bunny, and a trove of treasure from a certain Aurelia...

i dunno. i wasnt really interested with the movie. i went to the bathroom for five minutes i think. then i had these little kids...er, tweenies... at the back who kept on whispering. kate hudson looks great, and maatthew's body is awesome, but please put on a shirt for sakes! scenery was great too.

the movie: hmmm... pfft!

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