Movies During Valentines Day

just out of curiosity, what movies are on during this season? if u are going on a special movie night, then what is the movie that you should see?

here's my take on each movie showing on that week.
(1) the bands visit- not ur valentine movie, but there is a love story angle to it
(2) fool's gold- can be some people's valentine movie, but id rather get the DVD of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
(3) the hottie and the nottie- what?!?
(4) in bruges- now there is a hottie, but another not a valentine movie
(5) welcome home roscoe jenkins- a family comedy
(6) my blueberry nights- with norah jones and surely not to be shown here..yet!
(7) definitely, maybe- love story of a father and daughter and father and his past/s. might pass the v-day spirit.
(8) jumper- i think a girl would only want him for valentine. oops!
(9) spiderwick chronicles- nice to watch i think but not really a valentine movie still
(10) step up 2- might pass if they have another love angle.
(11) diary of the dead- if youre interested in dating zombies and corpses, fine.

(list from movies.com)

2 R a v e s:

SoNSo1 said...

Those movies look like teh suck. These are the offerings for v-day? Does the industry want to cause more heartache?

Best bet is to make your own list: 5 RomComs to make you lovely, 10 screwballs to whoo your love. etc. etc. season to taste.

m a r g e said...

you jinxed it! i was planning on doing that list! though a top 10. but remember that list from last year? the throw in from where ever list of movies? maybe i'll do something worst than that. haha!

i dunno. its like showing Black Christmas on Christmas day. the weird movies come on the special days.

and id rather wait for 2 Days in Paris on my queue.