Movies About Greed

There Will Be Blood (4.5/5)
after the credits rolled, all i can say was it was damn long. i blame the seat on The Charles for making me feel this way. though at that moment, all i can think about is that it should've ended with "bastard in a basket". as the discussions and the googling on the internet went on, i thought of the last scene repeatedly and felt how powerful that scene was. taking it out of the movie lessens the intensity of the movie. that last scene was just... perfect!
Quotes: "Bastard in a basket." and "I drink your milkshake!"

Mad Money (1/5 or 0.5/5)
i cant stop swaying my head left and right to this movie. if Enchanted was one of my worst last year, this is the first one for this year, and sadly, it is with Diane Keaton again who was part of one of my 1 star movie last year "Because I Said So". so these 3 ladies do a heist inside the Fed Bank and steal money meant for shredding. After Queen Latifah got what she wanted (send her kids to a good school), she wanted to end the deal. but Diane Keaton wanted more. she just wanted more. so they ended up doing it for 6 years, got their significant others in the deal, and there were Feds on their tails...or shadows. so it was a pretty organized crime WITHOUT ANY HARD EVIDENCE THAT CAN PROVE THEIR GUILT. the least the Feds can persecute them for is their unusual spending and not being able to file the right taxes. but they were able to get a bargain, be set free and go on with their lives. but in the end, they were still criminals for Diane Keaton was able to stash bags of money loot in the freezer of their favorite bar. woah! i would say it was an entertaining movie but not all entertaining movies are right and well good, right?
Quote: "Lawyer! L-A-Y-W---E---R..."

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SoNSo1 said...

Is that 1/2 star because of the seats in the charles? That's a deal breaker.

I love the antiquaited feel of the place. I could exclude the hipsters, but it is Bmore's indie cinema.

m a r g e said...

i robbed it a 0.5 not because of the seat in Charles! there are aspects that made me take it off like the moral issues aspect. no one pulled off Plainview from punching Eli on that field. i dunno. some moral stuff like that. i just didnt like how they "tolerated" it. it is like that ending for MAd Money, which made me believe that it doesnt deserve even a one star. moral issue. being able to get away from the crime? damn!

One Little Seedling said...

They didn't pull him off because they are obviously in shock of Plainview's actions. It was an ugly moment. But you also have to consider the times. They were probably shocked of Plainview's actions and also very afraid of the man. This was the man that was making sure they profit of this land so that's probably why they didn't step in. I'm not saying it's a good thing, but it makes sense in the film. People let people get pushed around all the time.

I don't know, that scene was nuts. It's the ugliness of the nature of man.