Grey's Resumes with a Messed Up Script


there were a couple of things that were not in the right order of events. the McDreamy case where he suddenly shows up the day after he kissed Rose with a floor plan to his dream house with Meredith? woah! talk about less than 12 hours with you architect.

whats up with Izzie being alone in bed, Alex in another room, and Lexie and George crashing on a different room IN Meredith's house? what is wrong with you people?!?

and uh, why did Hahn tell McSteamy that yes he is pretty, but i dont want to flirt with you coz we are working together in a manner where she was too close, it still seemed like flirting.

and uhm, yes, now Alex "wants" Izzie back? and George taps Lexie if she wants to get an apartment with him (while they are in a platonic relationship right now supposedly). i hate you guys! u made me excited for the next ALexie thing.

the only good one was the part where i cried because at last... they made Dr. Bailey more human. the much more realistic person in the whole Grey's Anatomy world.

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SoNSo1 said...

I keep reading that title as Gerry's Resume. What's the seed doing that's so messed up? Oh. Grey's Anatomy. Ha ha

m a r g e said...

hahaha!!! =)