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 its either i grew tired of the popular shows or ive matured than most people, but what do most people really watch on their telly's everyday?

i was given one of the tough life questions, what is your favorite TV show?

now i do watch TV, but nowadays, i dont get to sit in front of it and just be consumed by it for the next 6 hours, and i dont have a fixture of TV shows now, except for the ones that ive seen before like Grey's, Lost, and some new ones, i basically dont have a good relationship with the TV. remember, i love doing 24 marathons and watch a lot of shoes over at ABC.com, so for some unknown reason, i barely get to watch series or shows per se. sticking around every week on the same station at a certain time to watch the whole episode of a series for that week. yeah, i dont do that that much now.

but what is my favorite show?

lame as it may sound, but it is Roswell. i think that is one show that i didnt want to miss one episode. though after a season and a half, i was able to like miss a couple of episodes already which extended to barely seeing the last season. but how many times i think about it, id say it is Roswell. its one of those shows that i think i was the only who saw it. next in my list would be Twin Peaks. in random order would be 24, 7th Heaven, My Boys, and Simpsons. there are other couple shows out there that will qualify as my favorites, but in the process of thinking of my topmost favorite, there was one thing i realized. i wasnt much of the show person, i was the cable TV junkie who loved MTV and ESPN and one local TV station. yes, i remember spending my afternoons during high school, watching endless MTV or watching Bulls, Lakers, Magic, Jazz, Yankees, and the Ducks games on ESPN. i would also ogle on the intensity and adrenaline of the athletes on Xgames sports. yes. XGames. i particularly love watching BMX and motocross.

so does that describe who am i? i mean, most girls my age would have seen the OC or watch reality TV endless times a week, but me, after the third season of Survivor, i have not fell for any reality show yet. and though i cannot relate to class discussions of Americas Top Model, i still like the challenges in the Food Network shows. and what can be qualified as my reality show now? hmm... Tennis matches? id say yeah

post script: id like to share that this is the first time that i must admit i cried over a Grey's Anatomy episode. this focus on Dr. Bailey's life and the dilemma with her son is a good story to put, with Chandra Wilson giving a nice performance.

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