Australian Open

 i wasnt able to catch any matches for the Australian Open, and i found out yesterday that Roger Federer lost to Novak Djokovic. and today i saw on the webby that Princess Sharapova winning the title against Justine Henin.

i hope Novak wins. though it should be nice for Tsonga to win also. i heard he is good, and he is unseeded, and he beat the crap out of seeded players such as Murray, Gasquet, Youzhny, and Nadal. if he gets Novak to his knees, damn! what the?!? this is war! haha! but ive seen Novak play the couple of times and saw his energy and determination to win. he is getting better than Nadal. more games to play, he might be replacing Nadal in 2nd seed. i dunno.

and it shall be nice to see Princess Maria and Prince Novak hold their trophies together. are they still an item?

who cares!

*add: i caught some of the third set of the Federer-Djokovic SemiFinals game. it was good. both were on their toes, wits, and pressure. both had each other on their nerves. i'd love to put a mic on Novak and hear what he says every time he doesnt get what he wants. (though there was one time that he looked like he apologized to Federer for getting the point out of fault.*

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