i think JJ Abrams was able to do a good marketing for this movie. they fooled us! j/k!

though the ticket guy said that because of how the shots were done, this might make u vomit and have headaches (rather have headaches and make u vomit), but really, i dunno, i guess that didnt work for me (neither did Transformers made me have a headache). anyway, true that the shots were so close, or were like Blair Witchy home video style, but other than that, its quite serious and funny.


serious coz they are in this encounter. they are in this chaos against Godzilla slash spider slash alien slash crawlers slash clones type of monster (which is referred to now as the Cloverfield monster). these yuppies encounter the monster and encounter themselves as they try to battle their emotions and save themselves against this gigantic monster that bore babies. yikes! perfect recipe for disaster. though many died which makes it sad (and be spoiled! they all died!!! or did Lily also die?) the funny thing is that there are some silly inconsistencies in the movie, especially when they were passing between buildings and Hud was still able to film them. it was like, didnt u see that they were having a hard time balancing themselves, and Hud is just like cruising with one hand on camera, and the other to keep his balance? wheres the hand to use for grasping on anything? weird.

well its just one of those movies that its ok for u to watch once. or maybe it will end up like Hairspray? i'll give it a try when its out on DVD.


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SoNSo1 said...

The conceit of the handheld camera capturing their entire progress is just a gimmick. It's there to make the audience part of the action. This would've been better in the year 2000 if we had those brainscan memory recording devices from Strange Days. The director wants us in on the fun, but it makes no sense for us to be in on the fun if we can't really tell what's happening.

Cloverfield 2 is going to be the same monster, on the same night, but from the armies perspective. Also, in a few months, there will be viral, geurilla Cloverfield movies wherein some clever chap splices himself and his friends into the movie. You can count on this.

m a r g e said...

they should use the helmet camera if they want to shoot their vids from their perspective in a much credible way.... but who gets the feed? maybe thats where the army should come in.

One Little Seedling said...

It's a total gimmick. That's what pulled me out of the film.

All I kept thinking is how silly it was.

But I still enjoyed enogh to give it 3 stars.

m a r g e said...

i still want them to use the helmet camera next time.i think that shall be better. or better yet put a body hugging strap to hold a video cam. LOL!

it was like a thrill ride set on a different mode.

m a r g e said...

i just thought about this right now, after seeing the trailer again, i think part of my disappointment on this movie is that i was expecting it to be an alien invasion with meteors as their arms. at the scene on top of the building, it made me think that it will be meteors rather than the army firing on the monster.