Using the MTA

no, i havent tried using the MTA yet, but I've been looking at their bus route maps to see what is the best way to go to school from where I am. there is a straight line going to school, but then my only problem right now is how to get to that stop. hay!

well, it seems to be pretty easy, and of course, i know and hope it wont take me long for me to do this always. i hope that in the next couple of months i will be zooming my way to school. *though, come on! i havent even started, like officially started!*

but i dont know, tomorrow maybe i'll do a dry run. i need to go to school and fix some stuff with them. the pressures on my shoulder now. ok. i need to brave the mountains. haha! just kidding! i can do it! ive done it before.


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SoNSo1 said...

Is there even a bus stop near you? Like anywhere within a 10 minute walk?

Borrow the Seed's car. He's not using it.