life changes

tomorrow, i'll be taking one of the steps towards something that will change life on how i am living it at present. my life will be busy again, and i will again be pre-occupied with knowledge (hopefully), enlightened with ideas (good luck to me), and in bounty with thoughts (dont make me be spaced out though).

officially going back to school will start in days or week/s maybe. i am not afraid, though i have been doing a lot of thinking. things are different here compared to manila, and i guess how different it is will be figured when i get to be in that situation already.

i know someone right now who is studying. sh'e taking physicians assistant course at a school not far from where i live. she's doing fine, though most of the time, she rants about the workload that the professors give them. i told her to calm down (easy for me to say though, being a student with a kid, and working part-time to make ends meet), but the least i can do when is to try to help her out the best way i can, by helping her out with tips on how to remember her lessons, study tips (which i didnt know i have), and revieweing her by showing her some materials that will aide her in getting everything to her brain. occassionally, she also asks me to explain to her some of the stuff that they are taking, and as a grad of Political Science, and a trained leader for an org called Science club, the least that i can do to explain medical terms with her is to get it from the etymology of words and phrase it in layman's terms (maybe next time we can team up to make a layman's terms dictionary for medical dummies).

it was fun helping her out, at the same time i get to exercise my brain and gear it to what's ahead of me. i am lucky i get the chance to write alot still, and let my cells work. i guess with all the cells working again, i just have to align them and get them back in tougher shape, the way i did before.

before i applied for school, i promised myself that i'll do better than i did in college. i certainly will want this to be a reality.

God bless me, and watch over me. Thank you.


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