tiny updates on the May 07 elections

nice try to Team Unity. Aint that a little orchestrated for my taste? the "dropping out" of Petilla from the Senatorial bid to go back to a local position, thus adding actor Cesar Montano? come on! endorser/ candidate. the best way to do it. *duh!*

Genuine Opposition faction from the UNO slate. why did they even ask the other candidates to run with them if they are, as they say, the genuine people thus undermining the other candidates making the impression of not believing in their stand. if i were the other oppositiong candidates, id drop out of the slate. (or just like the other candidates, they need the machinery that is why though they are beaten up by these words, they still stick with them). Prediction: if these UNO members win (or even Team Unity members win), they would end up battling each other instead of working. they all have their pride over who' saying the truth, meaning well, and not. *battle between the 6 or 7 man GO's and the 2 man Spice Boys! hihihi!!!*

Comelec not giving the gay and lesbian group a party-list status. Insane!!! they've given all redundant themed and wannabe groups the chance to have a seat in Congress. why dont they want to give this group the party list status? is it because they are from the third sex? Not that im for another party list, i think there are too many party lists already with the same objectives and all, and its really funny how maybe a group of 25 to 50 can maybe say, "ok we can make ourselves be represented in the Congress." wow! but the thing here is that, arent we pre-judging them for their sexual preference? party lists should be for the marginalized and the undermined, and since you have a lot of groups there that have said repeatedly that they are marginalized and undermined (say, like the labor groupS et al), a group that is for the third sex who feels marginalized and undermined should be given the same preferential treatment. *30 labor groups is not equal to 1 gay and lesbian group*

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