un-clutter the brain

i mentioned before that my space is like my brain, it is such a mess!

so now, i am here at home trying to put things in its proper place so as to make my brain work better. uncluttering the messy space that i have to make me ready when i am going back to school. ive always said that when i get into a place, i want it to be neat. i may throw all my stuff around me when i study, but then i do not want to see unnecessary stuff around my workspace. i blow off and get bummed out if that is the case. so to get myself ready for that, i have to take out all the unnecessary stuff from my vision (Christmas related stuff, useless photo frames, little stuff that you wont use in your everyday life.) these stuff among others, i have found to occupy too much of my cabinet space, so i put it aside and hid it somewhere.

now i wish that this will help me create more focus on my work. it worked before, i know it will work fine again for me.

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