love month sucks poem

***Re-posting it, hoping he would read this... haha! =o)

Tonight I Can Write The Saddest Lines by Pablo Neruda

my friend LA posted this poem on her blog site. i remember this poem from HS when i was introduced to it. that was the time when, hmmm..., whatever! i do not even want to delve on the ish.

anyway, it isnt really the sweetest love poem ever, since it is a tragedy that they are not together. he recalls the presence of the other, and how they shared their love for each other. now that they are apart, he is not sure if in a time like this (maybe the sugary-sweet Valentine season), if how he misses her means he loves her or he just cannot forget her. it was something that tears him apart maybe. it is the confusing part of loving when words cannot put the line between emotions.

my fave line: Love is Short, Forgetting is Long.
sometimes i do not know if this still applies though, and up to now i cannot find the right words to cut the line between love and memory. *sigh!*

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sandra said...

hey margaux. try reading 'if you forget me' by pablo neruda also. it's beautiful. i think i like it more than tonight...hehe...hope you'll also like it:)

Marge Mateo said...

i'll check on that one too, =o)

Marge Mateo said...

sandra. i read it. it was nice. it was a little on a manly point of view. its like, i love you, but i am not forcing you to love me. but if you love me, just tell me, for i will give back the love that you give me. that is nice.

i need that. someone needs to hear that too. a friend knows about this, but i think im playing a little guessing game with someone right now. *sigh!*