White Vday

We didnt have a White Christmas, but tomorrow is certainly a white V Day.
I cannot predict if a white V Day is a good one or not, but today, because of the weather, we found ourselves stuck at home. Those who went out while the snow was falling have made their assessments about the slippery road, the freezing temperature, and the indefinite state of of the environment. Either you get to work and be stuck there, or be stuck at home and do your work there. We did the latter. Thanks to modern technology, you can accomplish a couple of items, or catch up with some work that you have. Great part also about being at home is that you can do your own thing at your own pace. Let the time tick on your hands, then look outside and enjoy the whiteness of the snow, and realize, heck! this is why im at home.
The only thing that is bad, for me, about being at home is food. Not that food is bad, just that tendency to eat and not move a lot is the one that is bad. And for the nth time of me being at home, with not only the choco covered macadamias (also the birhday cakes of different kinds), i shall tell myself Dont get it! Dont get it! Dont get it!

***At home working, snow falling hard
***It will give me headaches, with all the goody stuff
***Chocolates and candies, coffee and hot cocoa too
***All these and more, while working all afternoon. =)


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