Free campaign ads

*** this post used to have the picture of the candidate I am tlking about here. however, i didnt like the idea of looking at it everytime i open my blog, so i had to get rid of it. to describe, the picture was shown in the Phil Star website 02/12/2007***

Actor-comedian-host-singer-former senator running for the Senate again Tito Sotto, with his family in the Comelec office after filing the COC. On the picture, is Mr. Sotto, with his daughter Chiara, a singer-actress; his wife Helen, an actress, and at the back is his brother, the ever loved comedian-actor-producer-director-host Vic Sotto. Isnt this a perfect scheme for a free campaign ad? No words needed, just faces of celebs to endorse you, and even endorsers are free of charge.

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