the grammy's

*i liked their opening!!! it was the Police! i like Sting, and seeing him with his old group is also a uber plus!
*i liked john mayer's performance tonight! i admit i do not like him, but tonight, he seemed special.
*i dont like the shakira performance. there's something wrong with her singing Hips Dont Lie on the Grammy's and when you're listening to it on the radio. her voice sounds seductive on the radio, but the quality was all too diff on the Grammy performance.
*the gnarls barkley performance is really ccccrrrrraaaazzzzyyyy!!!!

2 R a v e s:

SoNSo1 said...

I stopped doing my ironing just to watch the first few minutes. I was hoping for a three song playlist or a medley of tunes. Great to hear The Police play again. Wished for more. Did they get to play any more in the end?

Marge Mateo said...

i dunno. i stopped. i WAS sleepy. but then i reached the room and im not sleepy anymore. i guess it will be the justin timberlake perf with the unknown girl. the grammy's entering the reality show age. haha!