***I honestly felt creepy writing this. I don't know what prompted me even to write about it. I was hesitant to post it, but I said, heck, for the love of this day! at 12mn of Feb 14th, 2007, this is my share of lovey-dovey, sugary-sweet suckiness!!! Enjoy!!! Happy Valentines Day!!!***

I dreamt of him and me together
I find him there where no one has ever
Lying beside me, so close he is
I feel him breathing, I shiver to this.

I move a bit, and he tightens his grip
He hugs me more, I smile in deep
He loves me just as I love him
I can feel that, no need to speak

I turn around and find him smile
He’s been awake all this while
Enjoying as I try to think
He looks me thru and gives a wink

I wake up and find myself alone
I wake up and feel all is gone
I smile to the thought of him and me
But sadness there is inside me

Then I saw a rose and a note
It says, good morning dear baby
See you tonight, it’s our day
See you after work, is that okay?

I smile thankful for this wonderful guy
He gives me happiness, I don’t know why
I don’t know how it has gone to this
From one hello and now a bliss.

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