the bug

 love bug

on a time when Valentine's Day is 9 days away, it is not the right time for a single girl to think of love. it makes life seem so pathetic. it makes you hate the idea of love because you are not loving someone, or you are not with someone. it makes you seem to cling on to the romantic idea but in reality, in doesnt exist in your life.

i dont want to sing love songs, i dont want to hear anything that will make me associate it to you. i dont want to see anything that will make me remeber of you. i dont want to speak of you.

but just last night, i was going on and on and on about you. and now, i am staring blankly at my screen, looking at your name, looking at your picture. my brain is split into two, the one that thinks of you, and the one that tells the other half to stop thinking of you. but then, i cannot handle it.

hmmm... hope something happens. argh!!!

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