sent items

i was trying to erase messages from my inbox and sent items. the inbox was quite easy to do, as some of them were stuff i dont need to keep. but unloading the sent items was a hard thing to do. i dunno why.

1st is that some of the stuff in the sent items were my notes to my bestfriend. all the stories that i cannot and do not wish to publish in this blog, it is where it is.
2nd are some of my unedited papers that i forwarded to my boss, or my groupmate, or other people ive worked with in some projects. i dont want to erase them coz its whats left of working with them, and also i do not want to throw out something ive worked hard for in my life.
3rd are the messages i sent to prospective employers. i reminisced to all the disappointments, and somehow thank them that they ignored me or else i wouldnt be in this stage in my life. i also got to see my exchange of emails with some of them who replied that i was considered for the position, but after 2 emails maybe, i was left in the cold. there was also one of the jobs that i even went for the interview and the orientation, but i ended up withdrawing at the end of the day because they needed a full time employee, when that was the time i was a couple of units before graduating. of course i prioritized getting my diploma, than grabbing the opportunity to work as a paralegal with Php15,000 per month though undergrad. i would not bear holding off my diploma for that.

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