The annual "I've not blogged in a while" post

Yes, you got that right. I have this "I've not blogged in a while" post. I remember I wrote one last year, or was it a couple of months ago?

Since coming back to Manila I never had the time to sit down and look at my blog and inspire myself to write something thought provoking or witty or nada just for the heck of blogging. Not that I've not been writing but life and its activities have restricted me from that usual "I blog coz I'm bored" or some crazy inspiration to do so.

There are a lot of things that I've been interested and have written about. These days I've been writing about issues and what not, some of it I've dumped on the pages of this blog. Other times I've written on pieces of paper or on my notebook which I carry around with me or on that notepad on my iPad. They've been my avenue for ranting about the world and how it works.

There are things that I miss doing which I don't get to have the time to do so anymore. Writing about movies, those quick reviews. Writing about stuff I've just read. Writing about music I've heard recently, even if they are quite old (I don't have new songs in my iPod besides what, Katy Perry?). Writing about the cheesiness of love, or the lack of it. Writing about things I'm passionate about especially baseball. Yes, I miss writing about you baseball games.

But that does not mean I don't get to write at all.

I still do write a lot. I have to write several things in a week. From letters of thanks, admiration, praise and criticism, to the usual stuff you see here these days: press releases, to some little things you do for work (Legis stuff, yeah). I do like them, I enjoy them a lot, but sometimes I find myself wanting to write something else. Something that makes me as a reader of my own work relax to.

So next year I resolve to going back to writing baseball. YES. I am trying to get myself immersed into the Philippine Baseball scene. Try to be a groupie or something so that I can write about them. Given my usual busy schedule, I will resolve to trying to put that in my schedule and write about them too.

If you want something, you're not only going to try to do it, you will do ways to do it. I will resolve to do that.

2013 will be a roller coaster with the elections coming up, but after the elections, surely things will be back on the normal swing. That's why I need baseball to be added to my "normal swing". That will make me normal too.

As I end this, I will leave you with a thought, what do you have to do to survive a zombie attack?

Ok, I digress.

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SoNSo1 said...

You should put some of those things on a paper pad into your blog. It'll make it more interesting. I'm also looking forward to the baseball. Hope you get beer and hotdogs with it.