Some quick movie shouts

LARRY CROWNE- their community college looks really nice. wait, whats the story again? (2.5/5)

CAPTAIN AMERICA- gah! human torch really added some years here. (3/5)

HP 7.2- u know what to expect but those fight scenes were good. (3/5)

TRANSFORMERS 3- some more legs? and Patrick Dempsey, you'll hate his stupid character here. (2.5/5)

GREEN LANTERN- some abs... oh the movie? yeah. uhm... okay. (3/5)

X-Men First Class- dont get me started on this... (3/5)

Thor- i think i was able to give thoughts to this, but here's the rating (3/5)

Super 8- now there's something i really liked! (4/5)

I think I missed some other movies, but I really had to post this.

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