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Office of Rep. Angelo B. Palmones (AGHAM Party-list)

Press Release

Solon Commends Successful Passage of Domestic Workers Treaty

AGHAM Party-list Representative Angelo B. Palmones commends the Department of Labor and Employment for their participation and great support in the recently concluded International Labor Organization’s Conference in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Conference delegates adopted last June 16, 2011 the Convention on Domestic Workers of 2011 by a 396 Yes votes, 16 No votes and 63 Abstentions. The importance in the adoption of this treaty is to set the standards on how to treat and care for the domestic household workers all over the world. In an interview, ILO Director General Juan Somavia calls the passage of the treaty as a historical move since this is the first time that the informal sector is being given significance.

“This is a great victory to our unsung Heroes, particularly the kasambahays overseas.” says Palmones. “Our overseas Filipino workers who work as household helpers sacrifice a lot in their personal liberties in search of better pay and income. Some of them have a great story to tell but there are a lot who suffer inhumane treatment from their foreign employers in hopes of taking a paycheck at the end of the month to send to their families here at home.”

The passage of this treaty also benefits our local domestic workers. It is to this matter that the AGHAM Representative also appeals to the leadership of the House Committee on Labor and Employment to immediately pass House Bill No. 4277 or the Magna Carta for Domestic Workers 2011. “The Bill seeks to institutionalize the work of our kasambahays by setting definite standards which will include their minimum wage, number of hours of work and the benefits that they can receive while being a household help.” Representative Palmones is a co-author of said legislative measure. (AGHAM/ Anne Mateo)

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