Blog Action Day 2010: Water

 There is too much water on Earth, yet all we need is enough to make us survive each day. But how do we gauge the amount of water that we need?

Let’s see.
We need water to drink, but it needs to be potable.
We need water to cleanse us, yet we need it to be clean and sanitized as well.
We need water to irrigate our lands so we can have rice and corn.
Water can also help us grow vegetables and other crops.
We need water to give to our animals that we can eat.
We need water to give to our animals that can be our pets.
We need water to run our hydroelectric power generating plants.
We need water to let our machines work well.

What else? There are other things that I know I’ve missed to mention still. Endless ways to use our water resource, yet what do we have that makes us have a limited amount to use these days?

Too bad…
That we still have factories that dump their waste on the nearby water area.
That we have illegal housing that use the rivers as their giant sanitary pool.
Those mining companies who refuse to follow rules and tend to contaminate our water system.
Those who do illegal types of fishing to get a truck load of fish.
Those who spend government money on any other construction project, forgetting that they need to build water facilities
that can supply water to irrigate fields, water for drinking, and water for cleaning ourselves and our homes.
Those who do not mind that they have leaks on their pipeline.
Those who just basically misuse water that are much accessible in our homes and those who pollute the water systems.

It’s a story that has the same effect but with different causes. It’s the story that has the same problem and there is only one general solution, and that is…


In a plane, flight attendants are called stewards because they take care of us; they attend to our needs. In the same manner, we should be stewards of our water systems, of our sources of potable and usable water. We should take care of those that are still usable, and rehabilitate and save those that need to be helped. That’s how stewards should do it.

Metro Manila is slowly realizing the value of water, yet there are those who continually misuse it. As against to African countries, there is a big need for people to survive by giving them water that can supply their thirsty bodies. They truly have realized the value of water in every angle of their lives.

If we can help them, let us do so. If we do not have the means to do so, we can be thankful of what we have then learn how to care and appreciate what we have. We need it in every way, don’t we want to share it with those who will inhabit our home after us?

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