Dave Trembley, Goodbye

To start with, 3 years ago, the Orioles wasn’t doing great anymore, yet this is the season we have most been bad. Last season, where I concentrated much on watching the Orioles, it was a rollercoaster ride for the team, but this year, besides unforeseen problems such as players going to DL almost every week, the Orioles have reached the floor of the basement, the worst record in MLB this season.

Among things that we have to consider is how a manager handles his team. A team does not work from one person alone, yet an effective manager should affect his team positively. With some of the top players on DL (Brian Roberts to be exact), and top players beginning to be underperformers, it is a sad tale where someone has to stand up and be accountable for these losses. As much to Mr. Trembley’s disappointment, it boils down to his role as the chief, as the head of the team who they should be listening to. As much as it seems to us that the team has gone awry like little kids against their uncle, there is a need for an uncle with a better fist--- fist made of alloy where it is hard in its composition yet light to look at. Though we have not heard of any person from the clubhouse who has spoken ill of him (except maybe Melvin Mora towards the end of 2009 season, or the seemingly ill remark by David Hernandez when he was demoted to clean-up position), the lack of a strong leadership hand seems to be questionable still.

The last couple of weeks, I did lobby for Trembley to be fired. It is after he’s been making bad decisions for the team. These bad decisions, to us fans, caused a lot in the outcome of games. Take for example May 27, 2010, Orioles vs Athletics game. Game is scoring 5-2 in favor of the Orioles. Jason Berken, with a 1.50 ERA, was sent to throw on the 8th inning against a batter. Then he was taken out and replaced by Mark Hendrickson, a seasoned pitcher with a 5.47 ERA. But we all know that Berken is a better pitcher than Hendrickson. Not only because of the ERA, but Berken can take us out of a jam like that. Instead, Hendrickson was in the game and caused the Athletics to overturn the game. His reason for this decision, Berken does not pitch too well with lefties. Oh kay???

It seems to me that it is indeed time to go. The end was seen since April when the season has just begun. This season is still a losing season, and a management change is not a saving grace that happens overnight, yet we need someone to show some light and inspiration, and shove the guys to their hands and knees and prove that the theory of the sleeping giant is within them. As much as Trembley was inspired to turn things around by honing our prospects to great players, our great players on the field has turned into a bunch of bench players waiting for their turn when they’ll get called up. What needs to be done is prove to each of them that they are playing beasts needed to hit those balls hard out of the fields if they must, and pitch as efficiently as they could and should.

A fan believes in her team that they can do it. They can work together into doing something great, to earn runs, to earn wins, to earn respect as what is and has been due them since then. This is Birdland, and we believe that Birdland deserves to have the dignity it should have. Like in a baseball game, we need to call the bullpen for help, and when the clean up is jammed, someone has to replace him on the mound and continue the clean up, until it reaches the end of the game for a win.

For now, Trembley is seen as a bad pitcher from the bullpen, and hopefully Juan Samuel will clean up the jam and get us out of the inning. Hopefully too, we win on each time he “pitches” for us, as much as he can, as long as he can.

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