6/4/10 O's game

 This was taken from the email message I sent my friend. It quite summarizes my thoughts after a losing game against the Red Sox where they had 11 runs and the Orioles had nothing. Under Juan Samuel's management, I did not expect a grandeur turn out yet I did not see an egg of runs to come up. This was a disgruntled team, and as Brittany Ghiroli tweet last night, "The Orioles are not playing inspired baseball.".

Here's what I've got to say about their game:

When u mentioned about the lack of philosophy, I went back to what I just wrote on my blog. The players are like a bunch of kids looking for an uncle with an iron fist who they can listen to. It seems like they've not been acting like a team these days. It seems like they've been acting on their own, doing whatever they can whether they eff up or not, and just say sorry and I'll do better next time the next day. It's sad. It's a sad routine even.

I hope Juan Samuel taking charge plus Drafts coming close plus trades getting near will get them to shape up and show what they got. If they can't work as a team they just have to do what's right on their own accord. Like kids, just compete against each other if they can't compete against another team.

I love the Orioles, but the losing streak has got to end. We need another winning streak. Not too long ago we took pride in nabbing a series from the Red Sox. Whatever the Red Sox's reason is for losing that time, its all their problem. What's important is we pick up the pieces from last nights game and take it as a reminder to work harder, if not hard enough, to survive and win the next two games against them. Afterwards, we have to bring those lessons to win future games. Learning is an endless cycle, and its never too late to learn from their mistakes. Given the credentials that Juan Samuel has, I hope that he gets to point out the mistakes and know how to work it out. Its never too late to turn things around.

If we cannot win a game, at least we have to prove to them and ourselves that the game was worth it and we did give them a good run. We didnt give it to them on a silver platter, but they worked hard to earn it.

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