"Which Oriole have you booed longer and louder than anyone else?"

 read: The First Timers by Roch Kubatko

i was reading this article lazily this "early" morning until i hit that magical line. among the names he mentioned, plus a whole lot more, "Which Orioles have you booed longer and louder than anyone else?"

i laughed.

after reading this, there was one name that came to mind. Felix Pie (pronounced as peeeyey). i am so guilty of being disappointed at Pie around May, June, and July, that every time he stood on the plate, i felt that it was bad news. I mean, there were really times that it was bad news, especially since when he is on plate, it means that Adam Jones isnt playing, and often, it makes me sad. Pie wasn't terrible. there were times during these months when i actually liked seeing him run also coz when he runs, he is like a little kid with a lithe body. but in 8/14/09 he hit a cycle that turned everyone festive and hopeful that Pie can do something for the team (or am i speaking for myself as a hopeful fan?).

there were other players, pitchers to be exact, that makes me cringe every time they make it to the mound. there's Jim Johnson, Matt Albers, Chris Ray, and Rich Hill. they sadly make up the general facade of the bullpen and its sad when there are other pitchers like Brad Bergesen, Jason Berken, David Hernandez, and Koji Uehara who can make things happen in this team (of course, Jeremy Guthrie still is a given).

There are a lot of players im looking forward to still see in the next season, and others who you'd like to come back too (if thats possible, Huff?--- though that Michael Aubrey can actually play!). either way, the wish of a crazy, hopeful fan is that next year, they can be in the post season.

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SoNSo1 said...

Two names I would boo: Matt Albers and Jim Johnson. They're killing me.